Rush B Tech Events

  • This gamemode system is an all-in-one solution as it provides automated game management, allowing for more complicated gameplay to be intuitive and smooth. The players can track his/her performance in their profile, which makes the sport more competitive.

    Players know what the goal and status is, using a live mini-map marked with objectives shown on screens in the spawns.

  • Data-analysis is used to iteratively improve and balance the experience.  

    At Rush B Tech Events, the focus lies on strategic teamwork and providing the best environment for airsoft players to express their passion.

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  • Immerse yourself in the next level of airsoft skirmishes supported by electronic objectives. Our game modes are enhanced by sensors and player ID tags, providing live tracking and score display. The objectives not only challenge you but also offer real-time feedback, reducing the barrier to entry and making it easy to follow the action.

  • Season Alpha introduces a new competitive dimension with the ability to measure and track scores in real time across multiple objectives. The system is in its infancy stages and will undergo continuous development and improvement based on seasonal feedback cycles. Join us on this exciting journey—by players, for players.

What to expect

  • Tactical coordinated gameplay
  • Playing in squads to take over territory
  • Diverse gameplay

We believe to encourage teamplay it needs to be intuitive for players to be aware of the mission. Playing coordinated as a team in airsoft is complex enough by itself - we aim to reduce that complexity. It is extremely important to us that we do not introduce an additional effort for the players.


Game Modes in current rotation

  • Domination
  • Headquarters
  • King of the Hill
  • Push
  • Frontline
  • Rush

The game modes are meant to be easy to understand and very short briefing time.

  • For those that do not yet know the Realstrike Arena, we are blessed with an amazing airsoft CQB field! Expect a high quality CQB field with well placed cover and near to no choke points. The cover is of high quality with many houses that offer enough space for realistic room clearning.

  • Most importantly, there are many walking routes offering diverse options and dynamic gameplay. Average encounter distance may be 5-15 meters but there are also many long angles.

  • Diverse lighting conditions, flashlights and tracers are useful.

    • 3000m2 CQB Village with realistic distances
    • Bar with drinks and food such as paninis, meatballs, pizzas...
    • Airsoft shop for BBs, parts, goggles etc (no replicas)
    • Safety area with tables and toilets


    Whatsapp +31(0)642155179